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Our Objectives

The main goal of the AOML/HRD Numerical Modeling Group is to develop and further advance NOAA's HWRF modeling system. To this end, the group's research efforts are divided into the following six categories:

  1. Advancing our understanding of hurricane processes using high-resolution numerical modeling of both real and idealized storms.

  2. Advancing NOAA's HWRF model with better vortex-scale analysis techniques in order to improve forecasts.

  3. Advancing NOAA's HWRF core with a mass conserved approach for three-way interactive nesting.

  4. Advancing NOAA's HWRF model's physical parameterizations through use of observations collected by HRD's Hurricane Field Program.

  5. Developing the next generation HWRF tropical forecast system that will be capable of ingesting basin-scale observations and accurately simulating multiple storm interactions using multiply-nested and high-resolution moving domains.

  6. Working closely with NOAA's NCEP in order to efficiently transition promising HWRF model research developments into operations.
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