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Honors & Awards

The continuous and dedicated effort of the AOML/HRD Numerical Modeling Group toward achieving NOAA's goals has been recognized throughout the years with various honors and awards.

Department of Commerce Gold Medal, 2015.

South Florida Federal Executive Board- Scientific Employee of the Year, 2014

OAR Scientific Employee of Year, 2013;

In 2012, the group received a Certificate of Appreciation for their contributions in developing the Advanced HWRF High-Resolution Hurricane Forecast Model and was nominated for the South Florida Federal Executive Board's Employee of the Year Award in the Scientific Category.

In addition, group members have received various awards recognizing their scientific contributions including the NOAA Administration's Award (2012), Verner E. Suomi Award from the AMS (2011), NOAA/OAR Outstanding Scientific Paper Award (2010), and NASA Group Achievement Award (2011).

Finally, all group members have received a fully successful (of better) performance evaluation in recent years.

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